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"Mmm, you smell like a candle!"


Yes, we've all heard it at one time or another...but whoever said smelling like a scented candle was a bad thing? Our harvest-themed warm and spicy scent guarantees it's a total compliment! With the glow of pumpkin, ginger and orange — further enlightened by a rich resin-y dragon's blood — you'll be sure to light the way! 


PUMPKIN ~ Fertility, plenty, abundance, prosperity. Male sexual stimulant.
ORANGE & BLOSSOMS ~ Strong 'magnet' to attract men; eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness, thoughtfulness, happiness, tribute.
GINGER ~ Fiery and fortifying, induces passion. Intensifies love spells and success spells. Love, money, success, power. Ginger increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones.
DRAGON'S BLOOD ~ Entices errant lovers to return, increases power of other ingredients. Love, protection, exorcism, potency.
ALLSPICE ~ Luck, health, properity, money


Created by: Mara & Danna

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

October 2010

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