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Question about Levitation

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LEVITATION - (unisex) - An Open Windows variant with added DHEAS. A happy, upbeat, mood elevating blend with lots of sparkle.

* Ingredients: Alpha-Androstenol, Beta-Androstenol, Epi-Androsterone, DHEAS.


I can't answer with any authority, but I do know Levitation is Open Windows with added DHEAS. Mara has made quite a few men's blends with Open Windows, but I don't think she's made any men's blends with Levitation. I'd let that be the guide, maybe men can wear Levitation, but maybe they should stick to Open Windows. My man has both Veridian Muse and Open Arms with OW, and other than Perfect Match, I don't believe he has anything else with DHEAS. I think this is because it adds that "sparkly, youthful" quality and maybe we're not looking for our straight men to have that much "sparkle?" 

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