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Who follows the sun unto its dawning
who cherishes the light of day in golden longing
who finds the promise in every hour
loving the earth, the sky, and every flower...


What better symbol of abundance than the hippity-hoppity creature with such a prolific nature? Crafted carefully and concisely of ingredients which symbolize abundance and fertility (but Sssh, it’s a secret!) to aid you in recognizing and realizing your own bounty in all your endeavors and in life and love. We can tell you it might smell yummy to a bunny…this unisex fragrance embodies the mysteries of nature and a-bun-dance we all hope to learn the steps of this Spring and for all those to come.


A magickally crafted potion, comprised of secret ingredients that symbolize abundance and fertility, wealth, healing, physical strength, happiness, love and psychic communication (dandelion, wild cucumber, amber, Katrafay EO).


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

April 2011

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