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The commercial perfume world of today — outside of our little private haven — is comprised almost entirely of synthetics that smell almost, if not entirely unlike, whatever they are supposed to smell like. Aroma chemicals, also known as aldehydes, have been around since before the industrial revolution. I have never ventured their way before and thought, just this once, just for fun, let's see........


A Space Age whiz-bang hodgepodge potion comprised primarily of aldehydes – fragrance chemicals such as you would find in a certain famous concoction first launched in 1923, labeled with a No. 5 – including the use of those "similar to sweet neroli," "green floral herbal plum prune," "earthy woody flower fresh," "fruity," "sugar-like", and Raspberry ketone....Nyeheheheheh.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

June 2011


Review Thread


Squib, special assistant to Dr. Gallimaufry, made a very loud and hurried entrance into the laboratory.

"Doctor! The villains have scooped us again!"

"What's all this, Squib?" the doctor replied, looking at his harried assistant over the rim of his teacup.

"The perfume! They claim they've made a perfect scent with no actual flowers but it smells just like a freshly-picked rose!"

The doctor, known for his nerves of steel – even when the laboratory exploded, as it usually did in the midst of some grand experiment about once a month, he merely sighed and extinguished the fire – set down the newspaper and steepled his fingers, tapping gently.

"That so? I wonder if they've been a bit hasty in release. After all, our brew is much the same except for that –"

"- unfortunate side effect?"

"Quite. Apparently women don't desire their skin to turn green. Myself, I found it rather attractive."

"Rather unusual at the least."

"And their juice was -"

"Well the whiff I got from a woman on the street was near enough to ours."


"But we've been silent as the grave, sir!"

"Yes well, in the cutthroat world of perfumery one can never be too careful, eh?"

The doctor and his assistant approached their special-built steam-driven distillery at the other end of the laboratory. Checking the list of chemicals he compiled, along with a few rare and special ingredients, Dr. Gallimaufry poured them all into the hopper and set the machinery in motion. The pistons roared to life with a burst of hot steam from the exhaust and the entire contraption shuddered as it processed the mixture, the end result of which was meant to be a fragrance which recreated the scent of a summer garden in full bloom.

"But Doctor, if it's the exact same mix –"

"Ah, but it's not, you see. It came to me, just now, what might be missing."

Squib could only stare in slack-jawed amazement as a golden liquid poured forth into a crystal flagon at the end of all the pipes as the process came to its conclusion. He moved to pick up the bottle but the doctor stayed him with a quick hand.

"No Squib, if this has an even worse side effect I cannot in good conscience have you sacrifice yourself. Allow me."

He picked up the bottle and took a whiff. "Mmm, lovely."

Dr. Gallmaufry then delicately dabbed himself with the oil. The two men stood sniffing for several minutes.

"Nice sillage, sir. As true to life as if I'd picked a flower myself!"

Just then, assorted blooms burst forth within the doctor's beard and his hair.

"Cor blimey!" Squib exclaimed.

"Well," the doctor dryly commented, "I don't think any woman would object to this quirk of the juice, do you?"

"But what if they're allergic to flowers?"

The doctor sighed, and a shower of petals fell to the floor. "Back to the drawing board then. I vow I will beat Chanel at her own game!"

A shriek was heard from the street.

"Squib, go see what the ruckus is about, hmm? And fetch me a broom please. Wouldn't do to have real flowers mucking about in my chemicals!"

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