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Let us lift you up above the crowd!


Our beloved customers know about the euphoric effects of Alpha-Androstenol, but we realized we'd never brewed a simply uplifting potion just for the guys! So here you go, fellas, give yourself a boost with our light, fresh and airy blend of olive leaf, birch leaf, fresh-cut greens, bay rum and sandalwood, topped with a drop of green tea. The inclusion of Alpha-Androstenol – which can be utilized by either sex - an attraction and good time mood-elevating pheromone, is said to create a likable, friendly impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable. This green scent is perfect for any occasion when you want to project an upbeat mood and persona...so aim high!


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

Pheromas Collection, November 2011


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