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SSFW and LAM: amazing combo

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I have been playing with this combination for a while and thought I'd share it as some of you may enjoy it too. I use the SSFW unscented in the spray bottle (4-6 sprays on neck, hair, cleavage, wrists) and combine it with the Sugared Vanilla & Honey LAM roller (2 inch on each arm, 1 inch on both sides of the neck and then a dab in the cleavage, to be honest, I'd roll myself in a puddle of that stuff if it existed, aaah, one can dream :)). The reactions have been overwhelmingly wonderful, from men and  women alike. People stare and try to get closer, they open up quickly in conversation. Women are extremely friendly and complimentary, I usually get very sweet compliments from females when I wear this, zero cattyness. Men become very charming, playful and flirtatious in a respectful way. It seems this combo is also a strong beautifier and gives a youthful glow. 


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