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But Jack did more than just allow her to live...he SHOWED her how to live. And our Rose did not take this supreme gift for granted. She lived for both of them. Rose traveled from the Santa Monica Pier to the pyramids of Egypt. She learned to fly, she was a Hollywood star...she grabbed hold of life with both hands and LIVED it...and this is what the last of our trio is about....


A perfume of ingredients only to be found if one circles the globe in search of the finest, richest, rarest, most elusive and divine... Forever Rose is the scent of the independent woman, the confident yet mysterious world traveler who knows what she wants and how to achieve it.


Deepest, darkest Red Rose attars from India and Egypt...pounds of rose petals are used to create just a few precious drops. Aged Indian Patchouli, Tunisian Amber, forbidden animalic musks, exotic spices from Zanzibar and Marrakech over sweet Honey derived from Orange Blossom fed bees, and several more Honey varieties besides, because this alluring ingredient is the undeniable scent of womanhood...the closest aroma found in nature to the scent of female arousal, and a veritable magnet for men.


Excerpts from the Diary of a Young Lady Named Rose ~
I have been saved. I have been awakened. I have been freed.
These are gifts I choose not to take for granted. I choose to live my life to the fullest for not just myself, but for the man who granted me this freedom, too. I've traveled the world and experienced places and marvels I once only dreamed of....once only glimpsed in pictures and via the delicate and talented hand of my one true love. I have opened myself up to the world, to exploration, and to dreams come true....


Created by: Mara Fox

sponsored by Romance of Yesteryear

inspired by Titanic

February 2012

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