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This is the Rose who is a paragon of high society. The epitome of elegance. But straining at her harnesses, isn't she?


The scent of elegance and high society...a memory of a lost age. Antique White Roses, Rosewater, Tibetan White Tea with a wee drop of Lemon. The antique papery feel of lavish Sandalwood. A dried bouquet with a hint of wistfulness, laid upon a doily of hand tatted lace.


Excerpts from the Diary of a Young Lady Named Rose ~

One is expected to be a proper young lady, whether one wants to be or not! The finest perfumes from the most exclusive perfumers, the finest fashions, the latest fads, the juiciest gossip. Yes, this is my world, and I excel at this performance! But if I allow you close enough to me, you just might discover my hidden depths. I wonder...are you worthy?


Created by: Mara Fox

sponsored by Romance of Yesteryear

inspired by Titanic

February 2012

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