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Alien Cake

It's cakey, but odd. I think I detect a carrot cake style base...what do you think?

Alien Cake is a strangely cakey concoction, smells as if it has a carrot cake base. If you get one, let me know what YOU think is in here!

Created by: Danna Taylor


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Honey Lavender

Has a B&B kind of smell to it. You have to be a fan of the two main ingredients.

A mixture of honey and lavender, rounded out with vanilla and amber. Looked good on paper, but the ingredients do not meld as imagined. Has a bath and body type feel to it, moreso that than a refined perfume. (Would probably be enjoyed most in the tub, just sprinkle a few drops.) I would recommend this most to those who like spa style scents, with the honey notes adding a little dirty/sexy to the equation.

Created by: Mara Fox


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This was an alternate formula of the Persuasion Spell Potion we released a couple of Januarys ago.

The ingredients are geared for persuasion, and the master bottle has been charged for this too. The aroma is mildly spicy, and lightly floral. As if the florals used have a spicy quality to them, such as carnation does, and I'm sure there's carnation in there which comes more to the fore when the other notes subside...I smell various root-like essential oils in there too. It has a typical "witch shop" type of smell...y'know, those spell potions that are blended for ceremonial purposes rather than for how good they smell? Yeah, it's in that league. I would recommend it for ritual use (apply to palms of hands and bottoms of feet, parchment, etc.) rather than as a perfume on it's own, but my standards are rather high in this regard, thus there are others who will no doubt enjoy the scent more than I; but ritually, I know all the steps to prepare it were correct.

Created by: Danna Taylor


Review Thread


Label art: Mara Fox

June 2012

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