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Musky Dusky Roses


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Musky Dusky Roses is VERY intense on me, very strong with a great deal of throw. Unfortunately, it's one of the few scents I really can't wear; something about it seems to give me a headache if I use more than a tiny bit. It is a deeper, rounder scent than Sugared Roses, and very strong.

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this is a clear rose scent, the musk make it deep and long lasting, you don't smell like imitation roses but like you just came from the yard from pruning your prize rose bushes at the peak of their bloom - ahhhhhh

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So my old roomie and still great buddy, Nova has this off brand Rose perfume that I douse myself in everytime I'm at her house (even moreso when we lived together to her chagrin).

She found this stuff at a T.J Maxx or something and I've been looking for it for YEARS.

Rose. All rose perfumes are too sour, too plastic, too funky, too SOMETHING. Except for Nova's until now.

Before I found LP, in a last ditch effort to find Nova's weird perfect Rose, I bought the same off brand stuff from a Marshall's-in a room spray.

Yes, one can imagine how much my skin appreciated this. I broke out in a lovely rose red RASH.

Enter Musky Dusky Roses.

Ah, well I'll be. Is this here a fresh red rose I smell? Hush my mouth! Why yes it tis!

I don't really get "musk or dusk", personally. It's more like I stuck my head in a rose bush and came out scratch and rash free!

The ever elusive TRUE RED ROSE--at long last found-Ill take it!! My search has ended, and I'm a happy camper.

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If you like roses you'll LOVE Turkish Delight!!! I have a bottle of it & even though I've never been a fan of rose scented perfumes I just adore Turkish Delight! It's gorgeous layered with Sugared Cream :D

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Mmmmm...will do. Thanks ladies! I cannot get my hands on the sugared cream though...but I do love Turkish delight. I have a sample. I'll pick up some Ambrosias though!! Waitin on that cash flow..

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