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Bullies begone! This is a spell potion meant to defuse explosive situations and bring you and your opponent to a sympathetic resolve. Whether you face a bully on the playground, at work, or at home, this potion is designed to soothe injured feelings, dispel negativity and create an atmosphere where peace and understanding can arise. Enhanced with our Empathy Potion pheromone blend.


* A base of FRANKINCENSE RESIN cleanses the aura, dispels negativity and soothes injured feelings.

* OAK MOSS encourages luck, charity and nurturing.

* FERN represents sincerity, confidence and creates a perimeter of protection.

* BASIL EO creates empathy and mends quarrels.

* CARNATION ABSOLUTE contributes protection while inspiring admiration, affection and consideration.

* WHITE SUGAR brings forth sweetness, and represents luck and wishes granted.

* YLANG YLANG soothes misunderstandings and promotes harmony.

* And finally, the scent of orange - from our essence of TANGERINE - not only represents thoughtfulness and happiness, but is meant to speed the process along, to help aid in a swift resolution to your woes.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

September 2012


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