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Sugared Egyptian Sandalwood


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Sugared Egyptian Sandalwood

In vial: very similar to Isis (no surprises, she's on the label), but with sugary caramel instead of honey.

On skin: mmm, this is beautiful. The most obvious note is the sugar, which smells like brown sugar here with golden syrup on top, but underneath is a hint of dry, spicy, exotic and incense-like Egyptian sandalwood. ES tends to be a lighter, spicy-incensy and almost lemony sandalwood scent and I get it here. This is so good! This is all about caramel and brown sugar over exotic sandalwood incense, with tones of honey to it. it smoothes out even more at drydown and develops an amber like scent, and at the end, it's like crystallised honey over dark amber with a hint of spicy woods. It's a gorgeous mix of foody and incensy scents. Surprisingly complex, and I love it.

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