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The music swells, he takes her in his arms, kisses her passionately and...fade to black. Well, that's the movies for you. But this is your romantic life, filled with fiery passion and intense drama. Such theatrics demand the music of a 50-piece orchestra swelling around you at all times, and this fragrance provides the scent-ual equivalent.


Inspired by the mind of one of our sexiest and most beloved customers, this deep, dark resinous embrace puts the "sex" into it, especially when it combines with civit-like honey and honeycomb melded with animalic musk accords and black amber. Violin woods of boxwood and spruce give it body, while a flash of bright cassis and a touch of gunpowder puts the explosion into it, because what's the 1812 Overture without the cannon firing over and over again? Our exclusive DOMINANCE POTION compliments this lustful combination, as it's a sexy personal power potion for women with a clearly alpha signature. Let the music start slow, let it wrap around you as it swells and throw yourself into the powerful crescendo that permeates you to your very core.


AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.

ANIMALIC & EXOTIC DARK MUSKS ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.

PATCHOULI ~ Soothes and uplifts; sensual, sexually stimulating, lust, fertility, money. Meditative and transforming.

VIOLIN WOODS ~ Strength, virility, fertility, purification, strength, rejuvenation, calming and soothing, healing, protection, money, long life.

HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment.

CASSIS ~ Aids success in love affairs, and a magical representation of blood.



Created by: Mara Fox & Dolly

Description: Sean (The Naughty Jester) & Julie (luna65)

Label art:

Pheromas collection, November 2012

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