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DIY Roller Perfume Oil?

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I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere on the forum, before, and I know @Eastwood22 has helped me with a similar question, before (because I wanted to make a spray, can't remember which thread I asked in, though), but now I have a roller of perfume oil that's getting a little empty and I want to put one of my LPMP scents in it as a diy oil roller scent, when that finally does happen (idk the proper term for this). I don't know which I'll be using, yet, but when I figure that out, since I want it to be an oil, I'm not sure I'd need any perfumer's alcohol for this? But, I'm also not sure what else I'd need to make sure I don't waste/ruin a scent. 


Any help would be appreciated. Again, I'm sorry if this has been asked/posted around here, somewhere. I tried several different search terms and couldn't find a thread about this. 

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It's helpful to have a rollerball tool, and the oil, don't think you want to use any alcohol. I'll get back to you when not in a restaurant.


I got a lot of info on making oils into sprays and phero ratios from Mara in this thread here.

I'm confused though, if you want to put something from LP into a rollerball, what is it in now? Are you talking about a trial vial? 

As far as adding perfumers alcohol, once in a blue moon I'll add a few drops to a rollerball if it's not coming out freely, but I wouldn't recommend this because you could make it too runny. I store all my bottles upright, and I'm less likely to take a rollerball bottle out of the house because it could leak. 


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yeah, right now, I have a ton of trial vials and little samples, probably not enough to do anything with just yet, tbh. I might have been getting ahead of myself, but I figure it's better to learn now, anyway. I'll def read that thread, now!:thank-you:


Okay, good to know about the perfumer's alcohol, I'll save that for the new atomizer I just bought, because I'll probably buy two of something and make my own spray (I was thinking two rollers of PCMP since I like it so much, that way I can have a roller and a spray, which, if I'm not mistaken is sold out as a spray in the store). 


Thanks so much, @Eastwood22

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