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The supremely glamorous Ionia the Enchantress was one of the few female magicians of her time, the youngest daughter of magicians Charles and Julia de Vere. Her specialty was Grand Illusion and she had a famously beautiful trick where she filled a room with a shower of glittering confetti by first starting with a lump of wet paper. The mechanics of her illusion involved filling an eggshell with dry confetti and crushing it while producing an ornate Chinese fan to send it swirling in the air, concealing the wet paper beneath in her palm. Our potion is an ode to her mysterious ways and includes an egg as well...a dessert recipe which was popular in her day: a pastry crafted of a spiced almond paste and egg mixture, swirled with raspberry jam.


VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.
ALMOND ~ Fertility, stamina, masculine energy, business success, money, prosperity, wisdom, intuition, insight, talisman for successful and fertile marriage.
RASPBERRY ~ Love inducing, aids in pregnancy discomforts, protection. Stamina, vigor.
NUTMEG ~ Strengthens clairvoyance, luck, money, health, fidelity.
EGG ~ A representation of the world or the womb. Fertility, nourishment, cycle of life, feminine energy. 
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.


Created by: Mara Fox

Collection concept: Emely Lisette

Description: Mara & Julie

Label art: vintage advertising artwork

The Golden Age of Magic collection, April 2013


The Golden Age of Magic

This set of fragrances pays homage to the golden age of the stage magicians, which took place during the epoque of the Gilded Age right up to the advent of the Roaring Twenties (roughly between 1880 and 1920); when the creations of new technology were so astounding they indeed seemed indistinguishable from magic and its practitioners were among the first to take advantage of the harnessing of electricity, projection of images, and transmission of radio waves to enhance their performances and amaze audiences worldwide.

To give these potions a further mesmerizing aura, we have included a swirl of highest quality cosmetic grade glitter in each bottle, and the labels for this set feature depictions of the actual magicians and/or their vintage advertising artwork.

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