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A lightweight floral fantasy of great delicacy…the beauty of Asian dianthus flower and the exotic blossoms of a Chinese floral bouquet are contained within silky powdery vanilla musk.


DIANTHUS ~ Strength, protection, healing.
JASMINE ~ Self confidence, anxiety reduction, prosperity; powerful love attractant, spiritual love.
CHERRY BLOSSOM ~ Education, feminine beauty, love, transience of life.
DOGWOOD BLOSSOM ~ Wishes granted and protection.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

Bond Girls collection, July 2013


Review Thread


from The Jade Idol: an Agent Null adventure
by Julian Lune

Agent Null enjoyed long flights, and the one to Hong Kong was surely one of the longest. But it gave him time to mull upon his assignment and immerse himself once more in the fictional adventures of Agent Vulpe, as he never seemed to tire of the series of novels. A taxi from the airport delivered him to Kowloon City where he was to meet his contact, the intelligence agent Goodie Tooshu. The Tooshu family owned a chain of successful restaurants throughout the region: the Happy Donut and Benevolent House of Lo Mein. Null found his stomach rumbling at the thought of a freshly-made plateful of Mama Tooshu's special lucky sugar donuts and many cups of strong tea. He entered his destination and found Goodie behind the counter, taking down a to-go order over the phone, tucking a strand of her shining thick ebony hair behind her ear. Goodie was lovely in an altogether innocent way, but possessed of a mind with an encyclopedic knowledge of countless subjects. She was also an expert in several styles of kung fu, but the exact knowledge of her competencies was considered classified.

"Null!" she exclaimed when she saw him, looking as though she'd seen a ghost. "I thought –"

"Malicious gossip, mei-mei. It is wonderful to see you."

They embraced, and made respectful genuflections.

"Are you here to learn of the one they call Treasure Hunter?" she asked.

"I am. But first I beg of you –"

She smiled and led him into one of the private rooms at the back of the restaurant, where a veritable feast was being laid in his honor.

"This is why you are my favorite intelligence officer!" he declared, and happily set to work satisfying his hunger. As he ate, Goodie produced a dossier on the person of interest, narrating the subject's current criminal record between sips of tea.

"So she is a powerful presence in the black market, then?"

"Bao Lie Ren is a formidable adversary, Agent Null," Goodie warned, then dropped her voice to a whisper. "She could have a building dropped on you."

"Many have tried," Null intoned calmly.

"All her thievery for the Triads, it is so she may seek the jade figurine of Huo Xia Qu. The statue is said to grant eternal life to the one who houses it, builds it an altar and leaves proper sacrifices." Her voice lowered to a whisper once more. "Of blood."

"O told me there's some sort of nasty cult associated with this deity."

"How is our boss?"

"Still trying to fix things with hammers, of course."

Goodie laughed. "I thought they had confiscated all his hammers!"

"He keeps bringing them in!"

"I wish our jovial conversation could continue, but I fear this is dangerous work, Null. She will not be so easy to seduce, I promise you."

Null laid a reassuring hand upon her arm. "Dearest one, if there is any man for this job, I am he."

A loud jeering voice interrupted their reverie.

"You take your hands off my sister, pretty boy!"

Goodie's younger brother, Mong Hu, filled the doorway, his rangy limbs and sneering countenance signifying a willingness to engage conflict. Goodie rose with a dismissive huff and began clearing the table, taking plates and bowls into the kitchen.

"Your honorable parents are assured I have only the utmost respect for your sister, and you should also believe it."

"But I do not! And I read on the internet a building fell on you?"

Null sighed and shook his head. "You shouldn't believe everything you read, Hu."

A cry arose from the kitchen. "Hu, if you ate all the lucky sugar donuts I'm telling Ah Ma!"

Mong Hu suddenly had somewhere else to be. Perhaps Mama Tooshu was even more feared than the notorious Treasure Hunter of the Triads.

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