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Be the very best kind of deep, dark and dangerous…don this kat suit and knock 'em dead with your bittersweet sex appeal! Four types of the darkest chocolate fudge are roughed up with a dash of leathery cured tobacco leaf, a drop of worn Russian leather and lascivious whispers of Arabian and Indian-sourced oud.


DARK CHOCOLATE ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
TOBACCO ~ Healing, purification, spiritualism. An ode to the Gods.
OUD (Agarwood) ~ Love, aphrodisia, spirituality, health.
LEATHER ~ The musky scent of leather inspires feelings of lust, personal power, and provides a hint of danger.


Created by: Mara & Julie

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

Bond Girls collection, July 2013


from Russian to Conclusions: an Agent Null adventure
by Julian Lune

Agent Null had planned to meet his friend Agent Pov at Pov's apartment for another of their epic chess games – Pov had promised both caviar and vodka on ice – and Null had let himself into the other's residence on the appointed evening. Who he found instead was a tall dark and dangerous-looking leather-clad woman rummaging through Pov's antique rolltop desk.

"Kat, is that you?"

"Null what are you doing here?! I thought –"

"Your side is going to have to try harder next time." He closed the door behind him and beheld the intoxicating vision of Pov's sister, Agent Katerina Suit. She was attired in her signature black leather skin-tight one piece, paired with thigh-high stiletto boots. She bore the more aristocratic version of Pov's perfectly attractive features, her wavy black hair fell to her shoulders and looked a little wild, as if she'd just risen from a passionate encounter. Her honeyed amber eyes flashed with surprise and her gaze was haughty, her full lips pouting ever so slightly.

"You should know Pov has no secrets of value, believe me I looked."

"I have a key, I'm not here to spy on him, that's rather redundant."

She looked shocked. "So it's true, you are friends?!"

"Of course we are! You know that."

"I haven't been paying attention because you are both stupid!" She rolled her eyes, taking one of Pov's black Sobraines from a box on top of the desk. Null lit it for her, and she exhaled through her nose. "Don't tell my brother I am smoking."

Null chuckled, then moved over to the bar. "Martini?"

"Feh! Is there any vodka?"

"This is Pov's apartment, of course there is vodka." He opened up the liquor cabinet, extracted a bottle and looked for a clean glass, but Katerina took the bottle from his hand, cracked the seal and took a long drink. She then coughed.

"So, you have nothing better to do with your time than spend it with my nogoodnik of a brother?"

"He's an excellent chess player, you know."

"But in every other way he is stupid!" She paced for a bit while Null sipped a positively desiccated martini, admiring the view. Katerina was entirely feline in her movements and just as selective in choosing who was deserving of her affection. In all the years Null had known the siblings, they had always been less contemptuous of each other than of the world around them. Their mother had insisted they were descended from the Romanovs, and Katerina appeared convinced that she should always be treated like a queen, though such an attitude was considered above her pay grade.

"I know you're looking out for your brother, you don't have to play the tough guy with me."

"See, you are so stupid! I am not a man, you cretin!"

"It's just an expression, Kat. So how goes the field work?"

"It is wonderful, except when we cannot kill you."

"Well just think of all the fun you'll lose out on when you finally manage it."

"Feh! I think you have had too many buildings dropped on you."

Null held up his glass. "Yes I would tend to agree."

"So where is my nogoodnik brother?"

"Shopping; we're having a boys' night in, chess and caviar."

"Feh! Though I think I will stay for the caviar."

"Not for me? Kat, you're breaking my heart."

Katerina wiggled one stiletto-clad foot. "Do not even try it, pretty boy, or I will permanently damage that which has been insured for millions of dollars."

"And with good reason," Null insisted.

"Feh! Why should you be making with the ladykilling? My brother is –"

"A miserable bastard who hates to cuddle after sex. And that is a required skill for my pay grade."

Katerina sighed. "It runs in the family. I too am not so good with the cuddling."

They turned at the sound of Pov's key in the front door lock. "Null, is that you?"

"Yes Pov, and Kat has decided we're not as stupid as usual."


"Kat if you are smoking I will have to inform Mama," Pov called from the kitchen.

Katerina rolled her eyes and stubbed out the Sobraine. "Stupid!"

Null smiled, remembering why he was glad he was an only child, and sipped his martini.

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