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Threebie lot 515


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I thought getting this would be a good deal as a start. I wasn't sure if I would like any of these scents. I wanted virgin scents. But I decided to just try.

I thought Tangy Tart would be my favorite, however Summertime Blues is the big winner here. Wow blue musk - so lovely. I was worried that Guavas in the Mist would overwhelming and I'd smell like a fruit basket, but is not overpowering , but still fruity.  Tangy Tart is all licorice on me, I was really hoping for lemons.  I may try using this as a room brightener, or as part of layering when I grow my collection. 


So Summertime Blue made this purchase winner for me. Lovely, fresh and a bit of  feminine  mystery  Guava's mellow once dry. 

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It would be better if you were to review each scent in their respective review threads, so I'm linking them here for your convenience. :)





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