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In Native American lore the wolf is a spirit guide, expressing the better instincts of those who are led to the highest realization of their selves, to embrace the intelligence, dignity and loyalty of Wolf, who is wholly wild and yet also grounded by community and companionship. Our unisex scented totem features ingredients which promote communication, friendship and spirituality. A heart of Blue Lupine – also known as Wolf Flower – blended with sacred aspects of sweetgrass and cannabis, uplifting accents of storax, tarragon and teakwood, a whisper of smoke and a base of sensual dark red musk and leather, with a drop of tobacco to complete the magic!


LUPINE ~ Also known as Bluebonnet and Wolf Flower, they are representative of wolves in folklore, and aid communication and imagination.
SWEETGRASS ~ Attracts positive energy and good spirits. Excellent for popularity uses, as it draws people toward the scent.
CANNABIS ~ The ceremonial, ritual and medical use of marijuana dates back over 5,000 years. Variously used as a love potion, to deflect the power of witches, for communication with the spiritual realm, divination, luck and protection from evil.
RED MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
STORAX ~ Healing, mental acuity, relaxation, sensual, love drawing, deflection of negativity.
SMOKE ~ In addition to the attributes of whatever is being burned (resins, woods, etc), smoke is for cleansing, purification, renewal, consecration, concealment and celebration. It is also the foremost mode of communication from this world to the realm of spirits and the gods.
TARRAGON ~ Improves mental alertness and clarity, dispels negative influences.
TEAKWOOD ~ Longevity, bonding, weathering all conditions, endurance.
TOBACCO ~ Healing, purification, spiritualism. An ode to the Gods. (just a DROP of this to complete the magic)
LEATHER ~ The musky scent of leather inspires feelings of lust, personal power, and provides a hint of danger.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Mara Fox

Totem Baby Animals collection, Spring 2014


Spring Collection 2014
The Goddess Eostre - the etymology of the name seemingly developed from the word "egg" - was the pre-Christian Pagan Goddess of Spring. Her symbols were those of fertility: baby animals, eggs and bunnies. In honor of Eostre and this season of re-birth, our Spring Collection is a celebration of squee-worthy baby animals, a set of 20 Animal Totem Potions, for April and May.


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