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Our class at Mikomicon crafted this potion for Protection (gentle, nurturing, loving protection) and attracting Good Luck. It is based around Oak Moss, Bamboo and Heather, rounded out with notes of Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla and Honey. It does indeed have a soft rainwater-like scent. Gentle and beautiful, it will certainly inspire people to treat the wearer with gentleness and inspire protective feelings. This potion can be worn by both males and females.


Oak Moss: Luck, success, protection, power.

Bamboo: Protection, luck, wishes, water magic.

Heather: Protection, peace.

Sandalwood: Love, protection, calming.

Amber: Luck, love, success.

Vanilla: Nurturing love, comfort.

Honey: Happiness, fulfillment, wealth.


Created by: attendees of Mikomicon

Label art: Muarw

September 2007

MikomiCon fragrance set

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