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A tea-centric variant with a light and breezy aura, perfect for the warmer months. A lightweight Love Potion® base of white amber and patchouli and unsweetened vanilla with whispers of white willow, sandalwood and white musk, blended with clean clear notes of green tea and apricot stirred with a spoonful of white sugar.


VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.
WHITE AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.
WHITE PATCHOULI ~ Soothes and uplifts; sensual, sexually stimulating, lust, fertility, money. Meditative and transforming.
APRICOT ~ Love, love, love! Romance, passion, femininity.
GREEN TEA ~ Invigorating, refreshing, mentally and physically uplifting, lust. Riches, courage, strength.
WHITE SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.
WHITE WILLOW ~ Healing, wishes, protection, divination. Feminine energy, inspiration, fertility.
WHITE MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
SANDALWOOD ~ Love, exotic, sensual atmospheric; aphrodisiac. Healing, spirituality, exorcism.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: "Goddess of Tea" by Echo Chernik

A Month of Love Potion® collection, June 2014


True LOVE: Love Potion® for every notion!

Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie is an artisan fragrance house founded on a perfume which is both an instant classic and an enduring favorite…the one and only Love Potion®. Through the power of scent with intent, our flagship fragrance has granted its wearers an abundance of affection in addition to smelling fabulous! Since introducing our first variant in 1989 - Love Potion®: Red – we have devoted our time and talents to creating numerous versions of this delicious recipe according to seasonal observances, celebrations, and scented interpretations of colors, using varied ingredients for the blending of our signature base along with complementary notes according to the applicable concept. We now present an entire month of Love Potion®: eleven Limited Edition variants for any mood or occasion. The labels for this collection are in keeping with our theme of Belle Epoque/Art Nouveau style for the Love Potion® variants, featuring the amazing artwork of award-winning illustrator Echo Chernik.

Indulge yourself with our month of Love Potion® and Add a Little MAGIC to Your Life!


The Creator sat with her visitor, the "Closed" sign upon the perfumerie door, so that they might leisurely indulge in chakai. As she combined matcha and hot water, whisking it to a froth with gracious stylized movements, she smiled at the woman sitting across from her.


"Every meeting should be a ceremony," she said, "in which we present our best selves to those we care for. A ceremony, a celebration…this is the charmed hour in which we meet, sharing time and sustenance." She extended a cup to her visitor, who took it with polite thanks. This was followed by a plate of fresh fruit, providing a bright contrast to the clean taste of the macha.


"Always a special occasion?" the other asked, breathing in the fragrant steam. Outside the afternoon was filled with the various sounds of the city, but in this moment a pocket of tranquility had been granted: the chatter of birds and the whisper of a breeze, the elements conversed under the beneficent sun, as the trees and flowers nodded in agreement. The visitor felt herself settling into calm, contemplating her romantic speculation.

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