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Like a magnet/ spicy brown sugar

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I want to try this because I love brown sugar but the "spicy" throws me off.

13 hours ago, StrawberryKitten said:

This sounds great !!! Is the ‘ spicy ‘ part like cinnamon ? I’m hooked on Cinnamon lately. And love the Vanilla Honey LAM & the Buttercream Peach, so definitely open to more LAM blends ?

Buttercream Peach is more my speed! Might be down to try Vanilla Honey LAM too. 

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The Vanilla Honey is really nice ! It’s very light, but I think that, because it can be used with other scents & not full on compete, but just add a little kick of sweetness :)


the Buttercream Peach is absolutely decadent, isn’t it ?? If it’s around next spring, I am definitely getting a full bottle !

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