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Some places are touched
you can tell they’ve been set aside.
Some places are Wild.
When we walked through knee-high grasses, the bees spying on our progress
you said to be still, not to let our voices pierce the drone
and a peculiar stillness indeed did weigh upon the afternoon.
Not quite knowing if we were welcome
we were allowed, but observed
in a place so high the sky seemed to kneel down
unblinking, a blue god’s eye.
Was there murmuring within the wind
was there muttering in the rustle
of all which bent and swayed beneath and above.
“We are among others,” you whispered.
“Who, and where, and why -”
But you shook your head, such mysteries are beyond our questions.
The light waned, but we meant to stay
The stars emerged, throwing off that color obscura.
“Now,” you said, soft as the evening enfolding us, laying back upon the skin of this beast
(disguised as a field)
“now you will see why, and how, and who.”
And the stars, oh the stars
they did move.


Signs of Spring release their scents to the breeze...our watery floral blend contains a blooming bouquet of tulips, honeysuckle, water lily, olive blossom and wisteria,encircled by a delicate green veggie musk and airy accents of ozone and Hedione, a jasmine derivative purported to produce a pheromone-like response in others when added to scent.


TULIP ~ Love, perfection, protection, prosperity. Renewal of warmth, love, and hope.
HONEYSUCKLE ~ Bonds of love, generosity; attracts money, prosperity, clairvoyance, healing, creativity, protection.
WATER LILY ~ Purity of heart.
OLIVE BLOSSOM ~ Peace, power, potency, fertility, healing, protection, lust.
WISTERIA ~ Welcoming of new person into your life. Youth, eloquence.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: A region of the Carina Nebula, 7500 light-years from Earth

Nebula Collection, April 2016


Spring is stellar!

Though we in the Western world now follow the Gregorian calendar, April 1st had long been the beginning of the New Year: the emergence of Spring, the birth of new life, and the return of the Sun. The LPMP Spring 2016 collection is adorned with labels displaying a cosmically amazing array of photographs from galaxies throughout the Universe, featuring the most beautiful nebulae – captured by NASA and ESA. These breathtaking images depict the birthplace of stars, to remind us that within we all contain the stuff of stars, we are stardust. Whatever new beginnings you desire, wish upon our nascent nebulae and let your dreams come true!


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