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The Sandman Snoozeth


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Perfume & description by: Danna Taylor

Prominent Ingredients:

VANILLA ~ Inspires happiness, blankets in an aura of safety and well being.

ROSE ~ Love, divination/clairvoyance, prophetic dreams.

CHAMOMILE ~ Calming & soothing. Love, peace, meditation.

MYRRH ~ Soothing.

NEROLI ~ Relieves tension & anxiety.

BERGAMOT ~ Relaxant, uplifts emotions, protection.

MUGET ~ Soothing and calming on the nerves. Sweetness, happiness.

AZALEA ~ Brightens one's thoughts and eases one's burdens.

BENZOIN ~ Astral projection.

A delightfully dreamy sleep and dream potion. Vanilla kissed chamomile and rose with the addition of sweet resins make this a delightful bedtime treat! Wraps you in an aura of happiness and comfort, like a warm posset and a kiss on the head. :o

In the bottle: This is warm and sweet, foody, with the rose hovering in the background, like the promise of imagination.


On, wet: All rose disappears, and all I can smell is warm sugar cookie. The throw is so strong, I can smell my own ghost as I move from room to room in the familiar patterns of preparing for bed. When I pause to sniff my wrist, however, the scent is completely different up close. There is something astringent, and cutting which hovers just over my skin, and I am momentarily afraid of what it will cut through if I let myself sleep. As soon as I move my wrist away from my nose, I am surrounded by cookie sweetness once again.


As I fell asleep quickly both nights I tried this one, I cannot give a good drydown description. In the morning, all that is left is a breath of amber, and the harmless shell of whatever the cutting scent was.


The first night I tried this potion, I got ravished by horney man as soon as I came to bed. Apparently smelling like cookies is a positive thing. I didn't know if the potion could work after having so much of it sweated of. As my dreams were not noticeably clearer and the speed at which I found sleep could be attributed to post orgasmic haze, I decided to give this one a second chance.


The second night of testing, the scent on my skin was the same as before, with the numinous halo of warm cookie and the astringent smell up close. I fell asleep rather quickly, which is unusual for me, though the only change in my dreamscape was a noticeable addition of characters, (I am more inclined to dream of locations, and crowds than individuals.)


Next I think I'll try this potion off my skin. It occurs to me that it might be lovely for anointing a dream catcher.


All in all, I am not that fond of foody scents, so I probably won't be using this one often, despite my need for a sleep aid.

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I really liked this one, and used my vial up quickly.


Benzoin and rose smell GREAT together! Rose is velvety and benzoin is a slightly hot-metal vanilla (if that makes any sense) that merge to form a complex, sensual vanilla. Relaxing as all get out.

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This is so well-named!


It's sweet, warm, quiet, and comforting. It honestly smells too good to wear to bed, but I did. I slept wonderfully, with nice dreams.


I thought about slathering it on to wear during the day, but no. This is a bedtime blend, and as soothing as a cup of warm milk and honey.

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I know this one is sold out.......BUT I just wanted to say that I really like the smell of it. And, thank you to Katz and Scourger for donating their samples to me in an effort to resolve my sleep issues. ;)


I haven't been able to try it as a sleep aid yet, because my "horny man" has spent every night with me since I received the trial vials you ladies sent to me. But, I put a tiny bit on the other day, because I am just too curious whenever I have received samples. It smells really nice, and comforting, and I am hoping it will work wonders for me as it has for some......I'm going to be testing next week, and I will let everyone know how it works!

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