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Skyclad Buttersilk Honeyed Vanilla Caramel


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Gah!!  The texture and scent of this are extraordinary. I’ve never felt anything quite like it.  I have been using it as a wet-skin lotion after showering every morning, and that is perfect for me - it seals in moisture like nothing I’ve ever used and I feel like it’s even keeping me warmer than I’d otherwise be this winter.  


It has practically eliminated my various little wintertime eczema patches. 


 It’s intensely scented and it morphs like a perfume throughout the day. The first day I used it, that night I was out to dinner and kept catching wafts of crème brûlée, as though someone were burning the top right next to me, and kept looking around and couldn’t see any, and it wasn’t even on the menu. The next day, late at night and at home I smelled the exact same thing again wherever I went, and thought I was losing my mind. Finally dawned on me to smell myself and yup, it was the extreme late drydown of this lotion, throwing like crazy, like 14+ hours later - both days I hadn’t worn anything else scented.  It’s totally delightful. 

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I'm posting here about the  Lemon Buttercream , because it doesn't have its own thread (for the skyclad buttersilk  version) and its sold out again, so it seems silly to create its own thread... but then the  Honeyed Vanilla Caramel may be sold out too --- regardless, I'm posting here :) 


Back when I was a child, people put butter on skin burns.  But then the thinking changed for how to treat it, butter was bad.  Cold water and aloe were what was best. 


Late last night I was pouring boiling water from the kettle into a container, lost control of the kettle. and the water that was at a rolling boil poured all over my hand, and went under my rings. It covered the underside and between my fingers.  We keep an aloe plant on shelf over the sink, and I immediately broke a piece off after running my hand under cold tap water.  But, blisters still looked like they were in process of forming.  Once I was in bed, the burn was keeping me awake.  I looked over at the bedside table, and there sat the Skyclad Buttersilk. ... I slathered my hand in it. (then the other hand. and my forearms. and my elbows, because it smells so good that it's hard to stop)  and it took away the pain.  I know it may sound like this is anecdotal,  but I know how I felt, it it helped tremendously.  This morning I woke to some red areas but no blisters. and  not much sensitivity other than on the palm at the thumb pad where the brunt of the water made contact first.    This stuff is truly amazing.


A  jar Honeyed Vanilla Caramel is part of my latest order, but I don't even have my shipping notice yet, so have not tried this scent yet.  

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