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Tropical Musk 2019


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Artwork Courtesy of Lynryd-Jym Narciso!


Our classic evocation of a tropical mood, now recreated for the fourth time! This ever-popular fragrance is a vacation destination in a bottle...lush coconut and coconut cream accords mingle with the sultry aura of a blend of Egyptian, white and green musks, topped with a cool breeze of bamboo, enhanced with tropical vanilla and the summery sparkle of pineapple.


Magickal Meanings of Ingredients:
COCONUT ~ Protection, purification, receptivity.
BAMBOO ~ Protection, hex breaking, luck and wishes, fertility, wisdom, feminine energy.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
PINEAPPLE ~ Draws money and luck; chastity, protection.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.

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(This is how Tropical Musk makes me feel.)


This scent has been rebrewed so many times because it's a genius idea; and the original PE version is one of my absolute favorites.  So when Mara told me that she made a version as close to the original as she could get it I was so excited.  I'm comparing this to one of my bottles of the original, which is Christine's Tropical Musk from 2009.  Of course there's going to be differences what with a decade between the two versions, but the minute I smelled this new Tropical Musk I knew it was what I loved about the original (and also the 2010 version).  And I think the secret is the green musk, because in combination with the bamboo it lends the right kind of freshness and creates that vibe which I love so much.  So it's breezy, a bit humid, and then the creaminess of the coconut and musk along with the sunny-sweet evocation you get from the tropical vanilla and pineapple.   It melds wonderfully with the skin and is pretty long-lasting in wear, I find, in that you get whiffs of yourself every so often and think Who smells delicious? and then you realize It's me!


I'd say the main difference between this and the two previous versions of Tropical Musk is that it's not quite so poolside watery/sparkly - it has more of an emphasis on the "fresh skin musk" quality from the original.

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I never got to try the original, but I've tried the other rebrews and I like this one the best. The most prominent notes on me are the coconut/coconut cream and the green musk. I loooove green musk! This will be perfect for spring and summer 😁

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Wow this version reads very differently on me. There is a more distinct coconut. The green musk is very much the star of the show but it also feels different. Like a lighter green, less verdant. It’s also coming off as rather perfumey which has never happened with any other version, definitely has to be the musk and the greenery. I have not had it on that long though and I can already tell it’s going to calm down and smooth out. The coconut is coming more to the fore. This is a very wearable version and I’m sure will be quite popular but it’s not my favorite.

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Oooh. I like this! I know there are a million musks in a million different perfumes, but I'm musk cautious. I don't know how to note the differences, other for the yummy Egyptian and Indian Musks. Not that I could distinguish them, I just know they're in many scents I like. Some white musks give me a headache, and animalistic musks make me smell like I dried myself with a cat pee covered towel. I do love Out Of This World Musk, no idea what's in it. I wear a spray of Gossamer Threads, which is white musk, but I wear it more for the CB, honestly. Musks signal "perfume" for me, Luxorious is like Gossamer Threads in that it also feels more like A Perfume for women who dress like Jackie O. That's a good thing, I just lean more towards perfumes for women who lay on the sofa surrounded by tangerine peels and coffee cups, licking caramel off her fingers, or her boyfriend, if he's kind enough to oblige. 


Back to the Tropical Musk!

I'm into it. I'm now Green Musk Curious.

I'd go on this vacation, anytime.



Dear god, I just searched "green Musk" and found this nonsense I here. Clearly I am not new to this personal Musk quandary.

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Wearing this one today because it's cold and rainy. 

I love this scent I wore it a lot last summer. I'm a big fan of musk especially Egyptian and green and this is just beautiful! I love the creaminess of the vanilla and coconut mixed into the musk it smells like a cool breeze walking out on the beach. I'm glad I got a back up bottle of this.

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