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Pheromone Allergy?

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So check this out~! 


I tried a bit of Teddy BB, and not to long after I was so nauseated I felt like if I didn’t wash it off ASAP I was going to fully throw up. 

I felt better almost immediately after washing off. 


Today, I tried a very small amount (because of my experience with teddy bb) of Charisma/Legend and I felt strange immediately tingles or something my arms felt funny and the spot on my hand where I put the small amount was all red/itchy. 


I realize these are men’s pheros, and I am very much a woman.

I have never had this reaction from any phero/molecule etc. that I have tried in the past over a decade (though there were chunks of time I didn’t use any pheros/scents I go into forest creature mode :D) Also realize it could be the scent ingredients.


I am so very curious about this~ if anyone has input. 


Update: Washed off an hour or so ago, and spot is no longer red/pink at all, but still a lil itchy? in that spot. I looked at the ingredients for this one, and I can see how those would possibly irritate my skin. Maybe it was just a lil to much for me.

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This reaction for me has usually been scent related.


On the topic of dosage, Phero OD usually presents itself too late and I have to ride the rollercoaster of not feeling well until I've slept and eaten. I've figured out my sweet spot with sprays and oils by now, thank heavens. I'm not sure about pheromone molecules, however. I've worn B2 only a couple times and look forward to trying more.

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