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My report on blatant invitation

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So yes, finally my laptops got fixed cause they were so messed up and I'v been poking around with my pocket pc (omg never using that stuff again!!) !!!! YAY! I'm so happy now


p.s: mara...I'm so sorry if I scared you over the phone, I was just craving for a cotton candy scent really bad ever since today morning, and you do it best lol :draggy: and sent you the payment by the way!


Okay, so back to story, a few days ago, I poured my blatant invitation oil with my is/bx5cops in a roll on bottle. But the thing is that I didn't push the ball properly and the next morning I was on a rush that I just threw the roll-on in my school bag and went to catch the bus. ---people from the other forum probably know, but I'll post this here for those who haven't read it!


And during the ride, my bag started getting wet and my pheros were leaking aaah!! and I ran to the school bathroom as soon as I got in school, and cover'd it with sexual (it's a parfume- alcohol) and it didn't cover the cops well, and I was so paranoied since I could still smell it, and it STANK!!! So I saw my sugar'd honeycomb and poured it in my school bag and slathered it on me as if I didn't have enough sexual attention (sarcasm).


I smelled really strong (but the cops were covered) so I ran to the library (cause hardly anyone is there in the morning/afternoon)




In the library, I'm trying to clean my school bag in the highest floor. I ended up finding my sugar'd honeycomb (yay - sarcasm) and smeared it on my schoolbag what else could have I done? *sigh* and it seemed to have covered well. So I felt much happy. So as I'm walking out the door, my guyfriend walks in he is funny by nature but, turns 360, and says "nice bag, and fuck, your eyes look like vaginas" (gee thank, you just wanted to say almond, but it ended up as vaginas *rolls eyes*)


Then I went to class, basically my teacher was staring at my breasts. He kept swallowing, and did the leg fidgety thing everytime I went to ask him a question. He seemed nervous around me (oh btw this dude is the daniel lavoie look a like)


I walk into the café, a random dude just follows me for 15mins, which kinda scared me. It was a gay guy, and he striked a conversation, asking me if I was interested in helping him build a fashion portfolio (who me? nah, I'm curvy, but not toothpick skinny to be a model) and he was all like "we need young fertile girls!!! lmao...so I told him i'll think about it...


I get back to school, walking to the bookstore, and there are guys galore sitting on the bench checkin' out girls. When I passed them they yelled "hey you! are you Brazilian?! wanna go out with me?"


Then I got back to class, and the second male teacher tells me that I look nice today (k, people I was in a ponytail, gym tanktop and black pants, hmm...nothing glamourous)


My female classmate bought me candies out of the blue.


One guy friend tried to kiss me.


I was playing badminton with the guys and girls. And the guys were either staring at me up there or down there if you know what I mean. I got this scarry hungry look than a grin or lusty look...


Got back on the bus way back home, this big scarry-looking bald, tattooed guy sits righ infront of me and starts asking me questions like, do you have a bf? how old are you, what nationality are you...you're Beautiful etc. Jesus, I was like dude leave me alone!


P.S: I did tried drying my pants when it spilled though, it looked pretty bad lmao I had to use the bathroom dryer in the girls room in the 6th floor (cause no one was hardly there) and basically, I'm in a weird position, (as you all know, I couldn't just take my pants off and stand there with my underwear and drying it!) but then this old grandma lady walks in, looks at me in such a pitiful and disgusted way and gave me this christian pamplet from her purse LMAO. ---Another one of my most embaressing encounters!


And this is just 1/2 of what happened. Blatant invitation is so fricken potent guys! It's so awesome! I feel so stupid for wasting half my bottle, but hey, atleast now I know that I want more of this! plus DJ convinced me on eow, so I'll give it a try as well!

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