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Pumpkin lovers now delight

in shades of velvety black and white

best enjoyed when the clock strikes midnight

and all manner of spectres roam the night!


Halloween is the official season of the Pumpkin, and we’ve brewed two delectable versions of this Fall favorite! Our White Velvet variety is lusciously creamy-sweet, with ethereal whipped pumpkin fluff swirled with buttercream, cocoa butter, vanilla mousse and a spritz of lemon, layered with the spicy Autumnal ambiance of a colorful carpet of fallen leaves.


PUMPKIN ~ Fertility, plenty, abundance, prosperity. Male sexual stimulant.
MILK/BUTTER/CREAM ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships. Goddess energy.
COCOA BUTTER ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.
OAK MOSS ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection, charity. Parental love.
SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: vintage film publicity still featuring Tippi Hedren

October 2017


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