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Hits from natural cops?

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Warning: possibly TMI.
I think I just had some natural copulin hits.  It's about 2 weeks after my TOM, and yesterday, multiple random guys started talking to me out of nowhere at the grocery store. This NEVER happens to me. I am very much a woman on a mission when I'm shopping! 
Today, a guy was holding the door of my apartment open for me. I ended up checking my mail in the foyer instead (picking up my LPs! :)) and he waited there for 20 seconds, like he was a doorman or something!, for me to finish gathering my mail.
Both times, I wasn't wearing any pheros at all, just a very light swipe of Pie in the Sky. And I wasn't dressed well, either, so that can't account for it.
I think these might be ovulation/copulin hits?   I feel like reading all the phero reviews on this forum has made me so much more observant. But how are these guys even registering the cops? It's single digits here and I'm wearing a massive winter coat!


Have you ladies ever noticed people reacting to your natural cops? I want to hear your stories!

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4 minutes ago, halo0073 said:

Could be for sure but also don’t count out the hits you get just from Mara’s perfumes. This happens quite a lot just without pheros.


I was actually just going to suggest this very thing!  Speaking as a guy, if a woman smells good (and Pie in the Sky smells very good) I realize that I (without meaning to be) am extra pleasant to someone who smells nice.  

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Halo and Snoopyace, that makes a lot of sense!  I wear fragrances pretty close to my skin on work days, but he might've gotten a whiff of it. Or maybe I was smiling because Pie of the Sky just smells so damn good. :D I am learning just how powerful Mara's perfumes are! 


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