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Guys, get the complete attraction reaction with this blend of tobacco absolute and amber with masculine touches of tonka, ebony and oud, a trace of boozy deliciousness with vanilla bean and black cherry plus a spicy dash of cardamom. To ensure you slay the room we’ve boosted this with our uber-sexy HEART THROB pheromone formula - an Alpha-Sexual-Social mix for men that has really only one purpose in mind...With mood elevating, sex appeal and self confidence boosting qualities and ingredients for shining the light of attention your way, this blend exudes charismatic friendliness, but just enough hint of brooding bad boy to bring the girls to their knees. As a social mix around other men, it should encourage camaraderie (rather than confrontation), and make you welcome as one of the guys...or, maybe even the leader of the pack.

AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.
TOBACCO ~ Healing, purification, spiritualism. An ode to the Gods.
CHERRY ~ Stimulates and attracts love, attracts mate. Cheerfulness, good humor, mood elevator, divination.
TONKA ~ Love, money, courage, wishes granted; wards off illness.
OUD (Agarwood) ~ Love, aphrodisia, spirituality, health.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.
CARDAMOM ~ Lust, love.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara & Jennifer

Description: Julie (luna65)

Pherotine Collection, February 2018


Review Thread



from Cherry On Top

a Savannah Finch adventure

by Julian Lune

(part two)


I emerged from Aunt Mabel’s Confectionaries into mid-afternoon swelter and found an attractive male form draped across the hood of my car. In the time it took me to wonder why someone would be so foolish as to lounge upon a metal surface at this time of day, a whiff of brimstone answered the question.


“Ms. Finch I simply must speak with you,” the demon said, peeling himself off of my Monte Carlo.


I stood on the bottom step of the business and folded my arms in a wary gesture. “Okay.”


He was gorgeous but there was something off about him. For one thing I didn’t quite find myself weak in the knees to behold his brand of perfection. I had to question my sanity because he was everything woman should appreciate: tall, well-built, shiny hair and teeth and bright eyes...but he kept wavering around the edges.


“It’s about the succubus.”


“Is she a relative of yours?”


A flash of his true gaze - fiery crimson orbs - accompanied the response. “No! I cannot claim to possess the dreadful superiority of her line.”


“What are you, dude?” I asked. It was rather rude, but hey, there was a demon-shaped shadow in the dust on my car now, so I felt it was the least he could tell me.


“Why, I am mortal, and -”


“Oh please!” I exclaimed, holding up a hand. It was precisely at moments like these that I regretted allowing the loas to rid Sebastian of his insomnia. My partner in otherworldly affairs was enjoying the solace of an afternoon nap while I stood here sweating and being accosted by some creature who was seriously trying to pull a fast one.


“All right!” he shouted and his form wavered again, like a heat mirage.


“Pull it together!” I urged, looking around. “You don’t want the tourists getting a look at what’s under that disguise.”


He took a deep breath and his glamour settled itself once more, even taking on a golden glow of sorts. I found myself feeling a bit more attracted, but I stepped on it. Hell’s Tithe or not, I’m only human and just as easily tempted as anyone else.


“First of all, how could Cherry fall for that? Surely she would have known -”


“I am her servant,” he confessed. “It is my duty and my pleasure to provide for her. When she made her ascent to your world she allowed me to accompany her. I brought a man home for her to feed upon and also the chocolates. How was I know they were bespelled?!”


I laughed. “Hey, let’s go have High Tea so I can turn some heads at the Windsor Court, eh? They will just die if I show up with you!”


I mean, there’s nothing like a little hormonal mayhem on a hot afternoon, you know?


He looked down at his outfit: leather pants and a tight t-shirt which shimmered in the strong sunlight. “Am I attired properly?”


His shirt was a bit distracting. “Okay, is that made of some kind of iridescent Hellbeast? Because I feel like I’m tripping.”


“Too much?” he asked. “I was told you like sparkly things.”


I took his beefy arm. “Where’s your red Ferrari? I’ve got two more hours on this parking meter.”


“How did you know?”


I patted his muscles and grinned. “Call it a hunch, hot stuff.”

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