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I am protected and safe.


An oft-requested potion for our Spell collections, Protection is something we all desire in those moments of psychic and emotional vulnerability, and we’ve filled this one with elements which are spike-y in nature to armor your aura, as well as traditional protective herbs and those for warding off external ill intent.


Featuring a core of lush plum and standing upon a rampart of other prickly ingredients - pineapple, coconut, thistle - plus a blessing of magickal herbs - rue, galangal, mullien and juniper - with dashes of black pepper and clove EOs, and the comfort of a soft cushion of vetiver, oakmoss and myrrh.


PLUM ~ Inspires & maintains love, protects dwelling against evil and intrusion. Due to its nature - a soft cushion protecting it's valuable prize within - the plum symbolizes nurturing and protection. 
PINEAPPLE ~ Draws money and luck; chastity, protection.
COCONUT ~ Chastity, protection, purification.
THISTLE ~ Wards off thieves, aids recuperation, courage, strength, protection, hex-breaking, healing.
BLACK PEPPER ~ Protection, fidelity, dispels envy and evil, exorcism, breaks hexes.
CLOVE ~ Money attracting, deflects negative and hostile energies.
RUE ~ Money attractant, protection, hex breaker, wards off the evil eye.
GALANGAL ~ Hex breaker, luck, money, health.
MULLEIN ~ Repels evil spirits, quells nightmares.
JUNIPER ~ Attracts lovers, deflects thieves. Cleansing, purifying, exorcism, health.
VETIVER ~ Luck, hex-breaking.
OAK MOSS ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection.
MYRRH ~ Stimulating, soothing. Powerful guard against evil.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Elizabeth Frazier

Spell Collection 2015


The motto of LPMP is "Add a little MAGIC to your life!" and we sincerely endeavor to do just that by offering a wide variety of fragrances which enhance the wearer by means of scent and intent. With our Spell Collection 2015 we have created an arsenal of beautiful-smelling metaphysical tools for all the ways in which our credo can be enacted. This year we go one step further by providing our beloved customers both a spell IN the bottle, and ON the bottle as well! Each label features a magickal Sigil created by the fabulous Elizabeth Frazier, a wonderfully-talented artist and musician as well as a long-time LPMP customer and forum member. Everything you need for enacting the power of these potions has been provided for your use: charge the potion with the incantation from the description, anoint yourself or any totems with the potion oil, and focus upon the Sigil on the label as you summon your Will. So please enjoy the Spell Collection as fragrances, and utilize them in ritual work with a pure heart and a focused mind…because the true magic is, ever and always, in YOU!


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