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Pure amber. Pure love.


Amber is one of the most popularly-used fragrance components in the art of perfumery, known for its versatility, beauty and magic. A substance whose existence on Earth can be measured in the deep geological time of eons, almost every amber creation myth is a love story, and thus it is one of the most powerful of love talismans, treasured by cultures the world over. This creation of pure amber, blended from a dozen sources with varying characteristics from nearly every continent, is a potion which evokes passion and draws love, with a rich dark opulent scent, and can be worn alone or layered to enhance other fragrances.


AMBER ~ Love, fertility, creativity, luck, riches.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Mara featuring River

Spell Collection 2013


About the Familiar:

River has the most astonishing amber eyes I've ever seen - even deeper in real life than in the picture. Her name, when I adopted her, was originally Amber. She's my wild girl. Of all my kitties, she's the one that could feasibly take care of herself in the wild, and she likes to pretend she's a mountain lion, but she doesn't *truly* want to be. One night someone let her out by mistake and I found her hiding under the house crying for mommy. She's really just a gigantic love bug.


The motto of LPMP is "Add a little MAGIC to your life!" and we sincerely endeavor to do just that by offering a wide variety of fragrances which enhance the wearer by means of scent and intent. With our Spell Collection 2013 we have created an arsenal of beautiful-smelling metaphysical tools for all the ways in which our credo can be enacted. And we pay tribute to that most essential of magickal components - the familiar – by featuring the beloved animal companions of some of our customers/friends/forum members depicted on the labels for this set of scents. So please enjoy the Spell Collection as fragrances, and utilize them in ritual work with a pure heart and a focused mind…because the true magic is, ever and always, in YOU!


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