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Archive: Spell 2013: Black Cat Hex Breaker


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Let's face it: black cats have a unfairly bad reputation, but this potion pays tribute to their powers of providence, whatever the shade of fur! In the Middle Ages, the Church declared that cats were unlucky and/or minions of Satan and called for their extermination throughout Europe, thus directly leading to 100 million deaths during the spread of the Black Plague because there weren't enough cats left to control the infested rat population. If THAT wasn't a message of divine wrath, what is?! Those of us with black cats know how lucky, and loving, they truly are: from Mara's Loki, Julie's Prince Trevor, Molly's Meap, Betsy's Sirius, Liz's Princesa Monkey McButter Pants, to all of you out there with night-shaded feline companions. Blended with soothing resins, refreshing herbal and floral notes, and a spicy dash of black pepper, (Loki even lent a whisker to help charge this potion), which is designed to break hexes - or just a string of bad luck - and cleanse, heal and purify, providing a fresh start for the wearer.


BLACK PEPPER ~ Protection, fidelity, dispels envy and evil, exorcism, breaks hexes.
HYDRANGEA ~ Hex breaking.
BAMBOO ~ Protection, hex breaking, luck and wishes.
FRANKINCENSE ~ Purification, consecration, protection, exorcism.
MYRRH ~ Powerful guard against evil.
COPAL ~ Love, purification, cleansing.
GALANGAL ~ Hex breaker, luck, money, health, lust, psychic enhancer.
BALSAM ~ Purification, strength, rejuvenation, calming and soothing, healing, protection, money, long life.
SAGE ~ Healing, prosperity, cleansing. Wisdom, longevity, protection, wishes granted.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Kristy featuring Meap

Spell Collection 2013


About the Familiar (from Molly):

These two are my sweet girls... my daughter Kristy and my little Meap. They actually have a fairly strong rivalry going on, but every once in a while there is an adorable moment like this one that melts my heart! I adopted Meap from a rescue when she was a teeny kitten. She didn't have a mommy for some reason, and the foster mom had to bottle feed her. As a result, Meap has a strong need for human contact. She is always nearby, and at night will tell me when she's tired and ready for bed, because she doesn't want to go lie down by herself. She's super affectionate, of course, as you can see from the picture. She loves kisses.


The motto of LPMP is "Add a little MAGIC to your life!" and we sincerely endeavor to do just that by offering a wide variety of fragrances which enhance the wearer by means of scent and intent. With our Spell Collection 2013 we have created an arsenal of beautiful-smelling metaphysical tools for all the ways in which our credo can be enacted. And we pay tribute to that most essential of magickal components - the familiar – by featuring the beloved animal companions of some of our customers/friends/forum members depicted on the labels for this set of scents. So please enjoy the Spell Collection as fragrances, and utilize them in ritual work with a pure heart and a focused mind…because the true magic is, ever and always, in YOU!


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