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Some say you can't buy that indescribable quality which certain people possess to be instantly, endlessly, beautiful and perfect. Some say if you work hard enough, anyone can achieve it. We think the answer lies somewhere in between: we all have that inner diva just waiting to emerge and shine like a diamond in the spotlight. To aid you in this endeavor we present our glamour potion: containing ingredients promoting all the best qualities of attractiveness, happiness, confidence, allure and youthful vitality. A blend of sparkling citrus, sensual florals and the golden glow of honey, mingling with grounding notes of rice accord, cocoa and shea butters and a sweet fruity musk, slather this and prepare to be the center of attention, the belle of the ball, the glamour puss we know lives inside of us all…are you ready for your close-up?


PINK GRAPEFRUIT ~ Refreshes and uplifts the spirit, eases exhaustion; beauty and youth glamour. Lends an aura of "sparkle" to the wearer.

COCOA BUTTER ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
SHEA BUTTER ~ Youthful properties, soothing.
HONEY (Orange Blossom Honey & Spring Honey) ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment.
ORANGE & TANGERINE ~ Strong 'magnet' to attract men; eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness, thoughtfulness, happiness, tribute.
TEA ROSE ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance.
ORRIS ROOT ~ Attracts and helps inspire love. Protection, divination.
RICE ~ Protection, rain, fertility, abundance, money.
YLANG YLANG ~ Strongly sensual, attraction, attention, irresistibly, soothes marital problems. Aphrodisiac, mood balancing, relaxation.
MUSK (a fruity type) ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: KSBF featuring Katinka

Spell Collection 2013


The motto of LPMP is "Add a little MAGIC to your life!" and we sincerely endeavor to do just that by offering a wide variety of fragrances which enhance the wearer by means of scent and intent. With our Spell Collection 2013 we have created an arsenal of beautiful-smelling metaphysical tools for all the ways in which our credo can be enacted. And we pay tribute to that most essential of magickal components - the familiar – by featuring the beloved animal companions of some of our customers/friends/forum members depicted on the labels for this set of scents. So please enjoy the Spell Collection as fragrances, and utilize them in ritual work with a pure heart and a focused mind…because the true magic is, ever and always, in YOU!


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