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What does it mean to add your own scent?


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Hi! The unscented pheros can be added to any of the perfume scents! Just add a bottle of the perfume (from the regular perfumery page) and the add in pheros (make sure you pick the add in pheros, the ones that are $20, rather than the full phero bottles) to your shopping cart. There is a little drop down menu on the phero page that lets you pick which pheros you want. When checking out, it might help if you type in a little note saying which pheros go in which perfumes, if you are ordering more than one. I hope this helps!


Oh, and a big welcome to the forum! :blushing:

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Hello again girls! I am just a little confused with the whole "scent adding thing." When you say add your own scent, how do one go about this? What/where are the scents we choose from? Thanks!


Hi and welcome, CutiePie!


If you are referring to the ADD PHEROS option on around half way down THIS page, this is how it works:


Our pheros are priced at $39.95 for a 1/3 fl.oz., and our perfumes are priced at $24.95 for a 1/3 fl.oz. If you choose this option, we will blend the pheromone of your choice with any of our perfumes, we'll do the work for you, and you get a savings of $20.00 in the bargain. It's like getting the pheromones for half price, or getting $25 worth of perfume for only $5. It's an amazing deal.


You may peruse the available perfume choices HERE

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I assume you are talking about the phero add in option.


You go ahead and order all the scents you are going to, including the bottle you want the phero's added to. Then you select the phero you wanted added from the dropdown menu under "Add Pheremones." (It's the one with the unisex symbol in blue on the left.)


When you go to check out, in the paypal screen, there is a little option which says, "notes." Clicking on that will make an entry box apear. Write in which potion goes with each add in that you have ordered. (You can also follow up by sending an e-mail with your order number to timessquareproductions@yahoo.com, with the same information about add ins and the potions you want them in, just to be sure.)


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