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Chant du Lac


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Parfum #2: Chant du Lac

Treat yourself to the essence of a joyful day in a bottle...this refreshingly fruity floral features ripe cantaloupe against an uplifting atmosphere of watery greens and fresh-cut rose stems, adorned with lilies and underscored with just a smidge of honeydew and a scatter of earth.


Though I am la belle créature de la nuit, I too know the pleasures a bright day of sunshine, though I never venture out into the sun without my ebony velvet parasol and sateen hat. It is so lovely to enjoy a picnic upon a wide green lawn, watching the flowers sway in the breeze, the frolicking of l’oiseaux et l’abeilles, enjoying some delicious fruit and other treats. My beau Basier la Grenouille and I read poetry to one another on our picnics. Breathe in this lovely scent, ma cheres, and feel the happiness which comes from the simple pleasures of earth and sky.


Scent: Fruity floral with watery, earthy undertone. 
Mood: Joyful



MELONS ~ Water magic, fertility
ROSE ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance.
LILY ~ Purity, modesty. Wards away evil, protects, and breaks enchantments. Prosperity, happiness, wealth, excitement.
WATER ACCORDS ~ Cleansing, purifying. Fertility, Goddess energy, fluid of life. Renewal.
EARTH ~ Grounding, centering, protection, renewal, reincarnation, life.


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I imagine this is going to be so different on other people because of my chemistry and the way it amps white florals.  Lily game so strong!  The melon is kinda hanging in there in the background, and it does evolve to a fairly balanced fruity floral evocation on me.  I was hoping this would make me think of a more outdoors-y Summer Belle, but I totally recommend it to try because I think I'm having a "unique" experience, lol.

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This one is so intriguing! Wet, I absolutely love it. It’s all lily and melon which I both love. As it dries the water accords start getting stabby and start burning my nose. Totally normal for aquatics on me. If I sniff up close I get the earth note at the back. I’ll see if long dry down changes things for me but as of now I sadly can’t wear this one due to the water notes. It’s kinda making me want to make a PE with lily and melon though, maybe with a lighter skin-white musk. The more this dries down, the more the notes I love disappear into the background. Smells like high end hand soap or dish soap to me.

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The aquatics do indeed back off after long drydown. But unfortunately it just fades to almost nothing pretty quickly so it’s not going to be a FB for me. I can’t slather it to counteract that aspect because of the piercing, nose burning stage.  I will wear it for a nice short lived lighter Spring/Summer fragrance though.

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I loved Chant du lac out of the vial. It dried down to mainly green / auquatic notes when on my skin. I wish the opening notes lasted more than 5 minutes on my skin. Lol

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Oh my, this is amazing. Beautiful!! 


A disclaimer first. I almost completely disregarded this. Rose doesn't work for me. I can get a skin reaction anywhere from ichy to raised welts. 


I am still in love with "Summer Belle". I'm thinking how much I'd love another dewy summer melon scent, the hint of earth, exchanging grass for flowers. But sadly, rose. Not expecting this to work, that one note.

I carefully applied a very wet swipe in one spot, I did not smoosh around. Just in case I have to wash it off fast.

Out of the vial I smell wet lily and melon on top of the perfume. It's gorgeous!

 Really a skin scent on me.

Moist,  pretty and exquisitely blended.


I wait for the rose to irritate me. Nothing. Mmmm I am still enjoying this.


Perhaps the subtle French version of Summer Belle. Pretty, soft, refined. Yet still getting that outside mist of floral, melons and in the later drydown a faint touch of earth.  


The rose came forward in the LONG DRYDOWN. It did not dominate the scent. It never irritated me. Everything mingled nicely. At this point I have a soft skin scent. I want to believe I smell like this naturally. 

I want a FB or 2. But, I need to try a more liberal test. 

Very excited about the possibility.


Try this ladies. I love it. Not to sound like  an ad from the 60s..

I cannot think of a man who would not be inclined to breathe you in wearing this. 


Ohh I wish @Black Cat were around to squeee over this. 






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Not getting earth or rose (which is good since I usually amp rose) in this even when first applied. Mostly I get the water accords and melon with just a hint of lily even after dry down. I love aquatics, so this is a great summer scent for me

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Chant du Lac starts out so unexpected and delicious. I get a very sweet, ripe melon with the rose just peeking out. There's an underlying freshness. It reminds me of a melon agua fresca. It's sweet, but the wateriness keeps it from being cloyingly sticky. After about 30 minutes, the floral starts coming out more and it goes back and forth between floral and melon. Later on in the extended wear the lily predominates. Very glad I got a full bottle. It's quite refreshing and the interplay of melon and floral is really intriguing. A good spring or summer fragrance.

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