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I’m a lady, and I could not find anywhere to review this, so hopefully this is a good spot. 


 I’ve tried one drop, and nearly immediately I got the feeling of  “Heeeeyyyy how YOU doin” hahaha! 


A few minutes later, and I feel like I’m someone with one of those New York?  Like that lady in Russian Doll that I have zero huge crush on she’s just really pretty to me also, I love redheads ☺️❣️ 

type of accents, and I’m all “heyyy it’s cool it’s cool” haha loud boisterous laughter. 


Feels very chilled like like a big grin and a sly yet reassuring? smile. 

Reminds me of my EX actually- not how he felt inwardly, but was putting off outwardly. Only this last sentence not everything I wrote. Big grin, sly yet reassuring smile. 


 Anyway I’m only testing this out alone today for self affects. I can’t wait to try it out amongst people.  This is my first time buying a pherotine, and I think the little bottles are super cute. I love them. 


Now noticing-  about three different times there were 2 very small things, one was big, But I noticed I feel like I got more upset, and became a little more emotional than I normally would have which is incredibly Interesting since everything else feels like it’s so chill it’s a very strange and unexpected. Maybe I’m just having a mental day. It was almost the exact same feeling as I get when I wear leather and it brings out that emotional/whiny side very similar, but this is much better than leather because I also get the good aspects. 

 The leather it just seems like the longer I have it on the faster I go downhill emotionally? Is this an ingredient in leather? Going to look it up. Looks like it’s not in leather. 

The difference is with this one it feels more of just an upset vs a more emotional upset.  🙂 

I ended up washing it off. I think my brain was saying no more. Really neat one! I almost feel like it made me feel sort of also dominant?, but in a much different way than the women’s blends. Like I want to go after something until it’s completely finished (which is part of what is not so good when it’s combined with being upset about something egads) ha I enjoy, and also don’t enjoy this feeling. 

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