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Hello from far away!


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I just want to introduce myself to you.


I'm female, somewhere in my mid-thirties. English is not my mother tongue.


I placed my first LP order about 3 years ago. I was single at that time and during my journeys through the internet I came across the topic of "pheromones".

I did a little bit of testing but not for a long time or very detailed. The trials I ordered were forgotten.

Now I'm single again and don't ask my why... but I remembered my box of trial vials and dug them out again. And I placed 2 more orders in the meantime.

I am really curious to do some more extensive testing this time. I've also been reading a lot here and discovered great advice.

At first I was totally interested in all the sexy-stuff. But in the last weeks my interest also turned towards the more social-stuff.

As I have a trial of almost everything (of the pheromones) my field tests can start^^

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Hello and welcome! I use a ton of the sexy stuff, but the socials, especially the ones that calm me down, are life savers. 


Happy re-experimenting! Looking forward to hearing about your experimenting.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome! 🤩


I'm reading a lot here and I'm still trying & testing. Also I received another order in the meantime^^

Preparing the next one (Hello Sale!)...

But sometimes I'm not sure if I had success or not. For example one day wearing LFM I was feeling great (almost euphoric!) and the next time I feel totally normal/nothing special/boring.

I'm keeping a small record (as it was recommended here often before) to sort things out for me.

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On 7/28/2019 at 3:26 PM, Lochkopp said:

But sometimes I'm not sure if I had success or not.

 same experience - but I will say overall - people have been more helpful towards me

still experimenting with this brand 

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