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Witchy Herbs & Spell Jars

Potion Master

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Does anyone here use fresh herbs and resins for ritual, ceremonial or spellcasting work? Incense, smudgings, mojo bags, sachets, etc? I wanted to let you know that we carry a large variety in the shop. And due to popular request, I just made a bunch of blends again.


These individual herbs in little glass jars are $6 each or 4 of them for $20.

And FYI, most of the jars are stuffed full, but some contain smaller amounts according to worth of contents.

Also, none of these are intended to be used in food or drink, or in cosmetic/B&B preparations. They are for ritual use only.








Currently Available:

Acacia Gum
Amber Resin
Angelica Root
Anise Powder
Bee Pollen
Birch Bark
Black Cohosh Root
Black Salt (blackened with Activated Charcoal)
Black Salt (blackened with Palm Ash)
Blackthorn Berries (aka Sloe Berries)
Bladderwrack (aka Kelp, Seaweed)
Blessed Thistle
Brimstone (aka Sulpher)
Burdock Root
Buckthorn Bark
Calendula (aka Marigold Petals)
Cascara Segrada
Cassia Bark Chunks (true cinnamon)
Cat Whiskers (6 to a jar - naturally shed!)
Chia (Sage Seeds)
Chicory Root (granulated)
Clover, Red (flowers)
Comfrey Root (aka Boneset)
Copal Resin
Damiana Leaf
Dandelion Leaf
Dragon's Blood Resin (1 left)
Eye of Newt (aka Mustard Seed)
Frankincense Resin
Ginger Root
Ginseng Powder
Goat's Milk (dehydrated)
Grains of Paradise
Hawthorne Berries
Hibiscus Flowers
Honey Powder (contains wheat)
Horsetail (aka Shavegrass)
Hydrangea Root
Juniper Berries
Jezebel Root
Knotwood (aka Lady's Thumb)
Lavender Flowers
Lethe's Bramble (aka Statice Flower) (1 left)
Licorice Root
Life Everlasting (aka Pearly Everylasting)
Mandrake Root
Marshmallow Root
Mojo Beans
Mullien Leaf
Nettle Leaf
Orange Peel (granulated)
Passion Flower Herb
Peachtreee Leaf
Pennyroyal Leaf
Peppermint Leaf
Rose Petals/Buds
Rowan Tree Bark (2 left)
Sage Leaf
Indian Sandalwood Chips
Red Sandalwood Powder
Sea Salt
Shepherds Purse
Slippery Elm Bark
Spearmint Leaf
St John's Wort
Star Anise (sold in bags)
Valerian Leaf
Valerian Root
Black Walnut Leaf
Wing of Bat (aka Holly Leaf - sold in bags)
Wool of Bat (aka Oakmoss, also aka Graveyard Dust when powdered)
White Willow Bark




We also carry:
Holy Water
Rose Water
Palo Santo Sticks
Sage and other Smudge Sticks
Smudging Feathers
Charcoal for burning herbs and resins
Prayer/Spell Parchment for burning
Spell Candles in many colors ($1.50 per pair)
Insence burners in all shapes and many different materials
Hem, Flute, India Temple Incense Varieties





The Spell Jars are 8 oz glass for $17.95 each.


The ingredients in each jar are listed on the left panel of each label.


AD-Cleansing Jars.jpg

AD-Dark Powers Jars.jpg

AD-Dominate Jars.jpg

AD-Grief Jars.jpg

AD-Harmony Jars.jpg

AD-Healing Jars.jpg

AD-Love Jars.jpg

AD-Lucky Mojo Jars.jpg

AD-Money Jars.jpg

AD-Protection Jars.jpg

AD-Psychic Jars.jpg

AD-Sex Jars.jpg



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Those spell jar labels are beautiful! And I love the "for best results, adopt a black cat!" How cool that you have cat whiskers available. Now I've added human hair, but I've never added a cat whisker to a spell. And I have 4 cats! Surely one of them could drop one somewhere for me. I must vacuum or sweep them all up because I never see them. Or I just don't know what I'm looking for. Maybe now that I'm on the lookout. 


Have any of you used whiskers? And if so, in what way?

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Use cat whiskers for wishes or add to mojo bags for luck!  :)


i keep a water glass on the counter for the cats and most often find them in that vicinity but also spot them occasionally on bed, carpet or windowsilll. Rare to find but I've been saving them for years. I have a jar of saved wishbones too. 

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I have a new mission. I looked in a bunch of likely spots indoors and only found a dead spider, but I just found one on a chair on the back porch! 

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17 minutes ago, Potion Master said:

Use cat whiskers for wishes or add to mojo bags for luck!  :)



I am gonna have to start keeping the ones I find! 

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4 hours ago, Eastwood22 said:

I have a new mission. I looked in a bunch of likely spots indoors and only found a dead spider, but I just found one on a chair on the back porch! 



Tho I am pretty sure a dead spider would work in some kind of spell as well. lol


4 hours ago, Snoopyace said:


I am gonna have to start keeping the ones I find! 


Yes! Choose a special jar for them! I enjoy identifying which cat donated them. They are all different. River's are long with black at one end and white at the other, Layla's are fine and wispy, Luna's are white, Loki's are black.

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Ha ha!



Rosemary Ellen Guiley says in her Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft, and Wicca that in some traditions of folk magic, a black spider “eaten between two slices of buttered bread” will imbue a witch with great power. If you’re not interested in eating spiders, some traditions say that catching a spider and carrying it in a silk pouch around your neck will help prevent illness.


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First of all, I saw the FB post for these and that wall looks amazing!!! I'm sure it's super magical in person. 


Second of all, I started collecting cat whiskers after buying Whisker Wishes and learning that you used cat whiskers while making the spell potion. I usw the whiskers during new moon wishes rituals. 😍. Once you start collecting them, you'll find more. I store them in a jewelry box but now I think I need a cool jar for them too. 

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I have no idea which cat donated the one I found.

Yesterday I imagined each cat's response as if my intentions of whisker collection had been revealed to them. I'm sure, to a casual observer, that they were looking at me exactly the way they always do. I could tell the difference though! Charlie stared at me as if she was sure I had lost my mind and could never be trusted again. I know she told Chopper and Panther, because they've been avoiding me. They're all pretty and all about their looks. John Snow doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. He says his unstoppable power and beauty is in his musculature. He doesn't worry about getting stuck in small spaces as he can burst open any door. He really is such a bruiser that when he had a broken leg, he managed to get the cast off maybe 8 times. He even figured out how to wedge it under a patio door to push with the other legs and force it off!

Luckily, the spider I found was brown so I don't need to decide if I'm going to eat it on some buttered bread!

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@Eastwood22 OMG that made me laugh too. I'm slightly disappointed that you didn't eat a spider in your sandwich though. 


I'm not sure how my cats initially felt about me collecting their whiskers, though the younger one probably didn't even know what I was doing. He's odd. I thank them every time I find one though and I think they appreciate that and feel like they are helping. 

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