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OCCO 2019: Orange Droolious

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So many of our beloved customers dream of this classic pairing of orange and vanilla, and we’ve made it happen with additional allure! The always sunny aura of essential oils of Tangerine, Mandarin and Clementine freshly-squeezed into numerous rich buttery vanillas and buttercreams, with just a touch of amber and a sprinkle of crispy sugar on top. Positively lickable (but please remember it’s perfume)!

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Again, for me this is the definitive take on orange-vanilla, even as we have had so many variations of it with the Darlings and Atomic Mandarin/Inspire Desire, as well as Orange Fairy Cake, Chakra: Sacral and Melted Dream.  Just the perfect blending of the bright juicy orange and buttery rich vanilla swirled together...YUM!  If that's an all-time favorite combo for you then you need to grab this one STAT!  I can envision this one being especially good for layering, like, I bet this would smell so amazing with some Sugared Patchouli, for example.


ETA: in the long drydown the vanilla basically takes over, but it's delicious.

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15 hours ago, StrawberryKitten said:

Just wanted to jump in here real quick to say that this one is just beautiful paired with Love Potion Pink :) 

I had to try it tonight! Good call!

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I think this is my favorite out of the new? OCCOs I’ve tried.
It’s soooooo delicious. I feel

after awhilIe the orange fades, and vanilla pops out. A deep vanilla that makes me like it more.
I can’t help but to wonder if my significant other will love it like he loves the Butterscream Lemon perfume oil. 

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Orange Droolious is absolutely perfect. It's great as an Occo, but I'd also love a virgin version. It's a creamy orange that really does smell like an Orange Julius. It is orange, but not too bright. It's sweet, but that's not the predominate vibe. Somehow, it manages to hit the perfect balance of everything. 

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