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Forgive me posting this info in multiple places but I want to be sure that everyone sees this exciting announcement.


Mara has just extended our Annual Sale through Sunday August 18th! Yay more time to shop! 


We are super super slammed and also short staffed so as a result Mara is doing even more than usual with less help. The mystery boxes are taking longer than expected to put together which is no surprise since this is our first trial run doing them. Mara is doing them all herself and as usual putting so much care and attention into making them exactly right for each customer💗. They are going to be truly amazing and well worth the wait! 


Please please do not send multiple emails or messages about an invoice request or email you have sent. We are absolutely getting them and are getting to them as fast as possible. We will absolutely get to you but please don’t expect the same kind of turnaround or response time as during regular non sale times. The more emails you send, the longer this takes for everyone. Of course if you need to change your invoice, please do send a new email.


If you have product questions, need help choosing things etc please email me, not the shop. Invoice requests go to them, product questions and other customer service issues go to me. You can tag me in the Facebook chat group or email me at:




the other email listed for me in the sale thread is fine as well, they both go to same box.


Enjoy the extra shipping time! And if you have not bought a mystery box, my insider tip is BUY ONE. I know what is going into these babies and it’s crazy good. 

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