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Holiday Shipping Schedule 2019 and Moving!

Potion Master

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Hope your holiday season is going well!

Just letting everyone know that the last day we will be shipping before Christmas is Friday Dec 20th, so if you want something shipped that day, you should get your order in by the 18th.


Our current store location will be closing at end of day on Dec 24th. We will be moving the following week, so you might experience a slow down in shipping but we expect to be back up and running pretty quickly, and hope to have the new store open by Jan 15th.


New location is only 4 blocks away:

1104 Main Street, Suite #100, Vancouver WA 98660


We are having a combined Xmas and Moving SALE in the shop so we have less to move! 25% off many items, so please contact me if you want any gift items from the shop! Happy Holidays!  :xmas735:

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Congratulations on the move!  I had to check out the new address on Google maps and it looks considerably larger!  That's AWESOME!!!  I really have to plan a trip to come visit the new store some day (soon as I can).

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Congratulations! That's exciting news! I'm so happy that the bricks and mortar store has been so awesome for you. What a cool thing! 


BF has promised to take me there someday! We were half planning to take a little road trip your way late this winter or early spring,  but we had to put our trip fund toward a new vehicle. But one day! 


I hope the move goes smoothly for you! 

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Omg @Eve! Makes me wish I had carpeted stairs.

@Potion Master congrats on the move! You're a braver woman than I, I loathe moving! How wonderful to hear that it's a bigger space! Someday I really will visit. 

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I'm excited for you to have more space! Personally, I hate moving but you seem to adjust quite well.

I've been using the 'shop moving' as my excuse to not order my full spell set yet, but mainly it's because some sugared-up fat guy wearing a fluffy red suit beat me up, took all my money, and made me buy 100 lb of reindeer feed. He also spitefully took one bite of every cookie in my house and threw crumbs all over the floor. Both driveway and backyard were covered in little reindeer droppings. Asshole. Curb your fucking pets.

Anyway, I just want to make sure there are still some full sets left, @Le Wizard / @Potion Master

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