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PheroGirl II with a ton of other pheros

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OK, so as some of you saw in the "potion of the day" thread, I was planning to be evil last night....I was going to go watch a college football game with my sweetie and his 2 young kids, ages 10 and 11......my 9 year old would normally be in attendance, but he decided that he would rather spend the night being spoiled at his grandma's house.


So, anywhoooo......I applied True Confessions and Treasured Hearts on the backs of my hands and forearms, with no cover.....also a little bit of Treasured Hearts on my neck. Then, on my neck, cleavage, and wrists, I slathered a TON of PheroGirl II.....this is one that my sweetie has occassionally said "that's nice", but has never swooned over......I did this because I didn't want to wear one like CFM which drives him insane within seconds, or Dark Seductions, which he renamed "instant erection", simply because I didn't want it to be too obvious that I was trying to drive him nuts in a situation where he can't really do too much about it.....it's always fun to see him squirm....I know, I'm just TERRIBLE..... :666:


So, the first thing is that my fiancee's 10 year old son, who is always nice to me, but never as crazy about me as the 11 year old girl, was just as lovable and sweet, wanting to hug me and sit beside me, and basically being just adorable.....has to be the pheros, because this is TOTALLY out of character for him.


Then, at about halftime, both of the kids, who had gone to some neighbors' houses to play with their friends, came in to ask if they could go sleep over at their respective friends' houses. Of course, my darlin' gave his permission......ALONE TIME for the grown-ups!!


So, once they had gone, I went into the bathroom, grabbed my Blatant Invitation and put on just two little dabs, on either side of my neck, and slathered on some more PG II. When I walked back in and sat down on the sofa, my darlin' just looks at me with this starry-eyed look.....then he says....."OOOOH, you put on some more perfume, didn't you?" I said "Of course! Do you like it?" He buries his face in my neck and says....."Does the word RAPE mean anything to you?"


Well, we were not going to miss the game, because it was a very important one.....BUT, as time passed, it was becoming extremely difficult for him to focus on what was happening there. Needless to say, as soon as the clock on the game ran out (our team won), he was dragging me into the bedroom. What proceeded was some of the hottest, most passionate sex, followed by lots of cuddles and closeness......afterwards, he just kept saying....."No, you need to be closer to me.....no, CLOSER!" It was like he couldn't get enough of me.....he has always been a big cuddler, but last night it was more than usual. And, he wanted to get in some serious intimate conversations while laying there snuggling.......talking about how much he loves me, how our relationship has progressed, how good it has been, what we can do to make it better, etc. He finally went to sleep with his head buried in my neck......then, he got up this morning and made breakfast for me....he's such a sweetheart!!


I'm gonna have to be bad more often!!!

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omg, that combo sounds hot!!!! I love your reports dolly, makes me wanna run to LP and buy more stuff, daym! can't wait till school is done, and go to work, make money and spend it on LP every fricken week!!!!!


Glad you had a great time!! I love phero girl! lol, I finished 1 bottle so fast!

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Wow, Dolly!! I LOVE your experiments. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you. ^^.gif



Glad you enjoy them.....I love playing with pheros.....and now that we have such beautiful potions to help amplify and compliment them, it just makes it that much more fun....

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