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Male coworkers - Teddy BB ?

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Hello everyone,


After many years on the forum, I do believe I am posting my first question !


Background: I'm in middle management in healthcare. After many years, I have landed a new job and will finally be in an office environment that is NOT ALL women !

My phero stash has been leaning heavily towards things like SWS and TH, sometimes Dominance, to deal with the various issues of gossip, tears, cattiness that have come up. 


I have literally no experience with Teddy BB or BB 2.2. I have not met my coworkers yet but was told I would be working with a team that is 2 males in the same position as me and then the lead is male as well. Obviously I have some anxiety starting new, I'm also curious as to what it will be like to work with men. I know, it's silly for an experienced woman like me, but healthcare seems to be overrun with women. Honestly I am excited about the change.


So my question: is : would Teddy BB be a good first phero to try to calm me and help with bonding with these guys ? I see it often described as the one that helps with getting men to treat you like 'one of the guys" but I can't seem locate the threads about that. Also would Teddy BB be  a safer bet than 2.2 in the workplace ? Again, I have not met the men but I'm going to assume they are just average guys who want to get the work done and go home.


Thanks so much in advance !

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I’ve mostly worked in male dominated workplaces and it’s not that different, in my opinion.  Your current pheros will still serve you well.  Honestly, I would just wear whatever makes you feel good and confident- that shines through and frequently works better than pheros targeted to the audience. 

I haven’t worn Teddy BB to work before so I can’t help you there unfortunately!  Personally I like LFM for men more senior to me- it gives a powerful but female signature.  Like you’re not one of the boys, but that doesn’t matter because you’re a queen who can blow them out of the water.  That’s the vibe I get from LFM.
To boss around men more junior than me, I like SWS. 

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@hedgehog thank you soooooooooooo much for taking the time to answer ! You confirmed some of my own thoughts and just today as I was reorganizing my stash to allow for the new releases, It occurred to me that I haven't worn LFM and wasn't sure when it would be helpful. It does make me feel grounded. 

Your insight that the OW and TH and Lumina etc will work just fine no matter who is in the workplace was great. I like how you delineated being confident with superiors and having the option to be more bossy if needed with underlings, that also makes sense and something I've known intuitively but not sure I could have written out quite so simply. 

Just a seriously helpful response. 


I'm so lucky to be part of this forum. 🌻

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@androstenol thanks and good luck with the new job!  Pheros and this forum have improved my life so much so I’m happy to help out when I can!  I also wrote quite a few reports of using LFM (seriously my all time fave) at work in the Winter in the Tropics thread if you’re curious. 


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Thank you again @hedgehog, you also wrote about it along with several forum members on the unscented LFM thread. I recall scrolling through it but dismissing it as I was getting good results with other phero blends and was at different point in my life. But I think I'm going to give LFM another test run. It might just be the next piece of my LPMP journey. 



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