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Phero recommendation for hot-and-cold acquaintance

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So I'm trying to make things a little smoother between me and a newer person I know socially. I don't know him or his wife well yet; I get along very easily and naturally with her, but I also usually see him in groups without her (she's more of a homebody), so I've had more contact with him.


The term "hot and cold" is a little strong; overall I think our rapport is positive. We also kept in occasional brief, friendly (distanced) touch during the shutdown and have seen each other in the usual group situations since the restrictions were relaxed and people can socialize in person again. Since I've known him, there have been times when it was very easy/fun to talk to each other, but roughly every other time I've seen him in person, I get the distinct vibe that he feels a bit awkward around me. Not in the sense of being put-off, but I get the feeling that he doesn't know how familiar to be with me, especially when saying hello or goodbye.


We certainly do not have to be good friends, but I'd felt like we were becoming more reliably comfortable around each other until the other evening, when I got that awkwardness from him again. I anticipate continuing to see him periodically in these groups, and I just want everything to feel more natural when we're together since we have all these people in common.


For background, when I hang out with this crew, I usually wear a sexy social like Cougar or SS4W, so I think my signature has been pretty consistent when he's been around me, so I don't think it's because I'm giving off varied phero-enhanced vibes that might be making him feel like he doesn't know what to make of me. I'm thinking of wearing Gotcha when I expect to see him again to help disarm him some more, but I'm wondering if there are other pheros that might work better for this type of situation. Any thoughts?

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mistakes + forgot to add background info
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Personally I would maybe dial it back with something that's just social rather sexual-social.  Just for the sake of experimentation.

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