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Can Your Personal Scent/Pheros Change w HRT?

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I don't know where else I can ask this question except for here where the forum is phero aware. For the younger readers who may not be aware of the abbreviation, HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy. I'm actually doing BHRT (Bio-identical HRT), testosterone and I'm a middle-aged woman. 

Well, this one gets interesting and I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or has any insight. My mother's husband has gotten a bit moody with age and for whatever reason, this time of year (hot summer days), he tends to have some personality changes - or at least that's how the past couple of years have played out. 

Long-story-short, I started taking low doses of testosterone via injection because the creams were not working. LITERALLY, the day after starting the injections, Mom's hub's personality changed. He went back to the nice guy he had been for several years, but with an even higher need to be helpful. It's AMAZING! If he sees anything he thinks I might need help with, he initiates being helpful. So much so, that I try not to look surprised, but just graciously accept the offer. It's really nice!

It's amazing. If I had known it would evoke this reaction, I would have done it a couple of years ago!

As an added note, right now I can't compare with other people I'm around. Either the impact is too low to notice or I'm not around enough people since the virus to be able to measure friends' responses. My family has blessed with longevity and has a lot of seniors, so we're all laying low to minimize exposure for them. 

Just wondering  ... Has anyone had this happen before? Has my personal phero signature changed and is now exuding something that inspires peace and helpfulness? 

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