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Sorry if there's already a topic like this, I did try searching, but couldn't find it.


I have teenagers that are the smartest people on this planet right now 🙄 And have a different opinion about everything... And we argue and argue and argue... 


Peaceful home just doesn't do the trick. I know not to use pheros around the younger kids, but could I use a social one around my teenagers? Maybe Open Windows or Treasured Hearts or Balm Bomb?


Thank you 

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Sometimes I wear Mother's Little Helper around my kids, ages 11 and 14, especially on long drives and when I need to get their assistance cleaning or that kind of thing. I also have good luck with Mother Goddess and Peaceful Home (un-phero'd) and they get all lovey (like the cats) when I wear Savage Beast.


I've also put Focus Pocus on him when he's been competing in tournaments, and put a little Charisma on him before school dances. He used to go to an all boys school so meeting girls at the dances was really important to him!

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