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New Releases for January 2021 - Refresher Sprays and Beard Oil!

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This month, a collection designed to make our mask wearing days more tolerable!

A set of sprays that can be used for refreshing your surroundings, your masks, and hair and body too.

6 different scents, and each comes with a genuine crystal pendant!

Follow this link for more info and ordering:





Wear your charms! Love, Luck, Health, Protection, Passion, Creativity, Prosperity and Personal Power are all represented here!




Fabulously luxurious and soothing beard oil for the Gents, lightly scented with Tonka, Sandalwood and Cedar. Soothes skin due to winter weather as well as mask irritation. AND, Ladies, I've been loving using this on my hands, so you might want to try some too!

Follow this link to see more:




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I refreshed the page and lo and behold ! Spray and beard oil !!! I'm loving the Crystal sage. Brings back memories of using smudge spray in my surroundings such as at a hotel when I could not burn sage / smudge. I'm also eyeing the lavender for stressful situations. Thank you for a super useful idea to get us started with 2021 !



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Hee...aren't these fabulous?!  As a fan of the FHWs from years ago I legitimately squee'd when Mara told me what this collection would be.

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