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I recently made a smallish purchase, and I am currently navigating an embarrassingly full shopping cart and wish list. How do you possibly narrow things down?


I’m a bisexual woman married to a lesbian; we have been together for a long time and I am looking to rekindle a spark between us as we are too far into the friend zone for my liking.


First purchase included Bosom Bows with G/G, and I love the scent! Other than that I have mainly gone for unscented pheros... TH, CB, and Sexology (have not tried Sexology yet). I see a lot of potential in H&S, PM, and Gotcha. Beyond that, I am curious about the scents and the effects of the ingredients in them. I have never been much of a perfume wearer but looking to change things up a bit. 

I am specifically looking for something to reset (to the degree it can be done), get back out of the friend zone, reinforce the bonding between us while reintroducing the spark. I am making changes in my life - rediscovering my passions, taking better care of myself, finding joy instead of just existing in a basically content state. So I’m not looking for a bandaid or a quick fix; just a little something to augment the changes I am making (and maybe to change the way she sees me enough that she recognizes all the other changes).

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Welcome to LPMP forum 


well good choices for Un's  I use H&S every where i find it very helpful  I like LFN 


I found most LPMP are fruity , flowery, manly , clean,  edible, hippie,  as general categories 

I match my outfit of the day with a scent red with cinnamon, pink with watermelon. Or I might consider occasion Goddess of the blue moon for something elegant and LP original for a picnic.  Business SWS and a clean scent like sharp dressed humanoid. 

some don't like the sweet fruity smells

not sure about what a girl would like

2264 is really nice , occo ambrosia, whisker wishes, velvet kisses -so good, Buds of may,


limited editions really do sell out - if you like something do not hesitate  ( still kicking myself over petals of silk and GBMwLFN)


and don't be surprised by wanting more LPMP!!

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I second snatching up a limited edition if you like it. Some go fast. New collections are released several times each year. 


You picked a good time to get started. "Pherotine" will be coming up soon.  That is usually a collection where each scent is enhanced with a different phero. It is a good way to sample a wide variety. The phero enhanced perfumes are at a lesser concentration than the unscented pheros, but still pack quite a punch. (Not sure if it will happen this year, but usually during pherotine, there are smaller bottles of the UN pheros available,  too.)


The pheros you mentioned seem like a good starting place.  Anything with B-nol should help to promote bonding, I believe. One that always makes me feel confidently sexy is Bang or Classy Dame (formerly  Super Sexy for Women - SS4W) for a version without  cops. La Femme Mystere (LFM) and La Femme Noire (LFN) also tend to get reactions for me. I think it's one of those things where you have to find what works for YOU.


Similar to fragrances,  finding what makes you feel attractive and passionate.  I will say, honey scents, depending on the type, can often be very sexy in a distinctly female way, if you want to try that for a bit of a jump start. 


Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy yourself! Oh, and take advantage of the  trial sizes! You can sample a lot of different scents that way.

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Thanks for the responses and the welcome! I was very excited to see that Pherotine is coming this month - not that I need more options to choose from! Honestly, I had not really explored the samples that came with my order at first, but I saw that I got 02.20 with Perfect Match, so I have had the chance to try a bit of that. Still figuring out if the scent is for me, though. I feel like I tend to go for lighter, cleaner scents though a little floral, fruity, tropical is nice. My soap is a green tea scent, for example. But on the other hand... I like Bosom Bows quite a bit. And I do like the descriptions of what particular ingredients are meant to be used for. So we will see where I land. And I appreciate the advice about the samples; I will definitely purchase some of those though I like the more concentrated nature of the unscented blends.


I have heard of lesbian phero users having success wearing men’s blends since they are seeking to attract women, and also some who wear women’s blends since they themselves are women. I have read that lesbians tend to react to pheromones similarly to straight men, though not exactly the same. My thought is to skew bonding, imprinting, social... but with enough sexual to get us out of the friend zone. Neither of us is extremely femme, but we skew toward the feminine end of the spectrum, so I think using products to enhance my femininity makes sense.


Anyway, that’s a little more about where I am. I appreciate reading of everyone’s experiences and look forward to learning and contributing.

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